The Barnacle Series

The Barnacle Series evolved from observing intertidal formations and ecosystems along the California coast.  In this series I explore composition organically to create simplified examples of the forms, textures and relationships observed while on location. 

The Industrial Decay Series

                               Exploring the effects time has on an object forgotten.

Heavily influenced by the degenerative processes associated with fungus and erosion, these pieces are created to be functional sculptures, enriched in details encouraging the viewer to slow in careful observation. Using forged stainless steel, gold and diamonds, these pieces offer flowing organic forms contrasted by industrial qualities.


It is always my goal to complete a piece to it's last detail.  Some say it's the last 10%, I call it box fever.  Each order purchased through my shop or custom section will be accompanied by a surprise storage container created by me with the piece's specific design/s taken into consideration.