I’m open to inspiration wherever it may come, but currently I’m driven to create objects that in some way describe my time spent exploring the tide pools along the California coastline.  Standing knee deep in the cold water, with the birds above and the salty breeze blowing, I’m completely surrounded by the textures of life.  Soft, hard, slippery, rough, delicate and robust, the pools are an invigorating resource.  Not only are these elements interacting with each other, but they’re also responding to the intrusions of man made objects forgotten.  It’s these relationships and observations that helped influence my Barnacle and Industrial Decay Series.


Casting quickly found a dominant role in my studio practice due to its flexibility and effectiveness in realizing my ideas.  For the majority of my pieces I use wax as the primary material which allows risk taking and quick adjustments compositionally while giving real time feedback of the object’s form and scale.  Wax also has a huge workable range, from sharp and precise to organic and loose.  It can be carved, milled, melted, and injected.  Because of all these characteristics casting provides the means for a design or an idea to evolve quickly, often beyond my original intentions.


Although I’m happy to work with all metals for custom projects, 18k yellow gold has found a stronghold in my studio practice.  Each metal is different due to its combination of alloys, allowing characteristics to range in both hardness and color.  For me, 18k yellow gold has the perfect balance.  I work with excellent sources for recycled precious metals, conflict free and post consumer diamonds.